About Chord

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Counted.

Chord is an early stage startup with a goal of transforming work into a place where all individuals can do their best. We want to improve work culture for those who’ve been systemically under-utilized and under-rewarded.

To do this, we’re building an employer independent platform that leverages the power of data and story at scale. Chord collects the experiences and observations of individuals who care about their workplace cultures – be they negative or positive behaviors, minor or major incidents.

Our platform uses this data to gain visibility into what is really happening in workplaces and to drive accountability with employers.

Who We Are

Chord is an early stage startup founded by Dilpreet Kaur and Darrell Craig. We founded and ran a successful strategy and incubation consulting practice for fifteen years after starting careers in product management and marketing at Microsoft.

Read more about us over at LinkedIn.

Darrell Craig – www.linkedin.com/in/darrellcraig

Dilpreet Kaur – www.linkedin.com/in/kaurdilpreet

Get Involved!

We are currently in customer discovery mode. If you are a potential user, customer or stakeholder, reach out and let’s connect!

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We’ll come meet you at the location of your choice in the Seattle area. We can also do a video conference call if preferred, or if you’re outside the Seattle area.

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